Fear and Embarrassment

As a construct, fear holds a special place in all individuals. It was used to keep every individual alive today by our ancestors and was a valuable survival tool.

The use of this tool served its purpose many millennia ago, nowadays the instincts which our biology crafted do not serve the purpose which they were originally intended for. Instead, those tools are applied to the ‘struggles’ of the modern day.

Interestingly, it is the same feeling one feels from back then when it appears, however generally it is fear of something new; embarrassment. Eating ice cream in private is okay, but the fear of embarrassment of ingesting sugary foods in the presence of others after announcing a change is somehow not.

It is important that one is careful of this phenomenon for it is the source of much grief. Oftentimes, it is the fear of embarrassment which destroys progress and in the process leads most towards a life of mediocrity. The will to act is circumvented by this meaningless fear.

Importantly, a wise man once said that ‘awareness is power’ and in saying so it is the identification of the source of meaningless fear which proves to be the first step towards its eradication.

Fear is most often useful in providing positive hormonal changes which leads to action (often arising from fear with a proper cause), however one must be wary of fear of shame, it is purposeless.


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