Filtered Experience

If there is one fact of being that is unfathomably true, it is the following:

There is only one thing we control; our perceptions of the world around us. 

This one truth plays an unequivocal role in determining ones quality of life on their journey.

How so? What is it that makes perception so important? The answer to this lies in the nature of experience and the filters individuals live their journey through.


Every second of the day, the senses through which we experience the world receive 3 billion pieces of sensory data (read: information). From those 3 billion pieces of information, our brains filter and create the film reel of our ‘experience’.

One of the most important activities one can do on their journey is to adjust the effects of their filter, to create an experience that is as accommodating to creating an incredible journey as possible.

The filters which design our lives are made up of only a few things: our beliefs, values, and the questions which we ask ourselves.

At this very moment, as you read these words, I propose a simple question: what are 3 beautiful things which surround you right now? If you have properly asked yourself the question and taken the time to identify 3 things which surround you that are beautiful, you may find that your current experience has been improved.

A simple change in perception, creates a change in experience.


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